face_video_segment  0.8
Adaptation of The Video Segmentation Project for face segmentation.
fvs::KeyframeWriterUnit Class Reference

Writes keyframe from stream to file. More...

#include <keyframe_unit.h>

Inheritance diagram for fvs::KeyframeWriterUnit:

Public Member Functions

 KeyframeWriterUnit (const KeyframeWriterOptions &options, const std::string &output_dir, const std::string &src_name)
 KeyframeWriterUnit (const KeyframeWriterUnit &)=delete
KeyframeWriterUnitoperator= (const KeyframeWriterUnit &)=delete
virtual bool OpenStreams (video_framework::StreamSet *set)
virtual void ProcessFrame (video_framework::FrameSetPtr input, std::list< video_framework::FrameSetPtr > *output)
virtual bool PostProcess (std::list< video_framework::FrameSetPtr > *append)

Detailed Description

Writes keyframe from stream to file.

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